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About Us

family owned & operated

•  We have been servicing Lancaster County for over 50 years.
•  Company was founded by Gary and his brother (Donald R. good), partnering in 1970.
•  We have several years of experience in the waste management industry.
•  Several years of quality customer service.
•  We are focused on improving service and benefiting employees.

Over 50 Years in Waste Management Service

"We've Been Blessed So Let Us Service You..."
Ginger, Ginnie & Don


•  Our staff is both courteous and dedicated to providing professional service.
•  Our Staff respects your busy schedule and works to provide complete service to our residential and commercial customers.
•  Our fleet of 50 trucks is ready to make flexible arrangements.
•  We are committed to providing courteous  and dependable service by safe and friendly drivers and staff.
•  We are part of the community and our customers are also our neighbors, associates, family and friends.
•  We take our community business serious.


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